A short pharmacological review of the medication, covering the basics of indications/contraindications through to the complex pharmacokinetic’s & pharmacodynamic’s. At the completion of the course links are provided to a range of ambulance protocols detailing the various ways it is utilised in the delivery of healthcare. A thorough understanding of the effects a medication and how they are caused is essential for any paramedic, nurse or physician administering medications to patients.

Learning Outcomes

  • Review the presentation, indication for use, and contraindication for use of the medication.
  • Review the pharmacokinetic’s of the medication:
    • Absorption
    • Distribution
    • Metabolism
    • Excretion
  • Review the pharmacodynamic’s of the medication.
  • Discuss the routes of administration and typical dosage.
  • Identify the pregnancy category & discuss the restrictions associated with use in pregnancy.
  • Identify any special considerations associated with the medications.
  • Review common protocols including the PCCM and state ambulance CPGs.

Est Time: 30 mins

Price: AUD$3.99

Sub: Included in annual CPD subscription ($99)

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