Being able to effectively and efficiently triage patients at an accident scene is a core skill for pre-hospital care providers. This practice exam provides the perfect opportunity to maintain or improve your skills through randomised patient presentations, Simply select your answer P1/P2/P3/Dead. This exam is based on the commonly used START algorithm and is limited to the Sieve process.

Exam Details

  • Multi-choice question exam covering triage scenarios using the START Sieve algorithm:
  • Including P1/T1 Immediate, P2/T2 Urgent, P3/T3 Delayed, Dead/T5 Deceased
  • Choose number of questions 10 20 50 100,
  • Randomly generated quiz means its different every attempt,
  • Question bank of over 2000 questions,
  • Review option; check your answers after the quiz.

Est Time: 10-100 mins

Price: FREE During website development

Sub: This is a stand alone course. Demo content isĀ available in the course catalogue.

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