Being able to effectively and efficiently communicate clinical information in a professional manner is a core skill for pre-hospital care providers. Reading and writing clinical reports requires the knowledge of medical terminology to understand complex information. This practice exam provides the perfect opportunity to maintain or improve your skills through randomised medical terminology flashcards, Simply select your answer from the 4 choices. This exam is full of random prefix, suffix, a root medical words.

Exam Details

  • Multi-choice question exam covering medical terminology.
  • Prefixes, root words, suffixes,
  • Choose number of questions 10 20 50 100,
  • Randomly generated quiz means its different every attempt,
  • Question bank of over 330 questions,
  • Review option; check your answers after the quiz.

Est Time: 10-100 mins

Price: FREE During website development

Sub: This is a stand alone course. Demo content isĀ available in the course catalogue.

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