Course Catagories provides a wide range of course subjects on clinical and related topics with a specific focus on pre-hospital and emergency response practitioners in the military and private sectors eg. oil, gas, and mining.

Pharmacology Reviews

We all forget information we dont use. has everything that you need to know about the medications that you use including:
Administration & Dosage
Special Considerations etc

New medications are being added all the time so check us out!

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Clinical and Procedural Skills

Cant remember the steps for that procedure you rarely do? has a range procedural reviews from taking a blood pressure through the insertion of Arterial lines and other complex tasks.

Courses start at $3.99 and you get a CPD certificate on completion.

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Anatomy and Physiology

The human body is one of the most complex machines in the universe and it doesnt come with a manual!

Our short courses focus on a specific organ, process, or disease and provides you a comprehensive knowledge refresher on that subject to keep you skilled and knowledgeable.

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Medical Devices

Ever wonder how someone does that fancy thing on the machine?? Medical Device courses removes the mystery and takes you step by step through each of the devices functions, troubleshooting, tech data & even the obscure functions hiding in the background.

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Journal Reviews

Want to stay up to date on the on the goings on of the rest of the medical community?

We have collected a number of interesting clinical and occupational Journal articles from around the web. Have a read and get a CPD certificate for your portfolio.

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Company Specific Training

Do you operate a small medical compnay without the time or resources to develop an elearning centre for your staff? can tailor a branded learning centre containing a mix of our courses and yours (OHS, inductions etc) to provide a simple effective clinical/corporate learning centre.

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Meet our Educators

Allan Ravenscroft

Paramedic Educator

Allan is a paramedic with 12 years experience. He is a currently an Intensive Care Flight Paramedic for Careflight. Previous to that he worked for International SOS and Medical Rescue as a Flight Paramedic and spent 8 years in the Royal Australian Air Force as a Medic.

Dr Tom Perkins

Physician Educator

Dr Tom is an accomplished Medical Officer with experience in a variety of fields; general practice, emergency medicine, aviation medicine, teaching and military aeromedical retrieval to name a few! Tom also hosts his own GP podcast and GP exam prep sites. (links below)

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